Will Your Football Insurance Policy Pay Out?

How often do you hear of stories from friends and colleagues who paid for an insurance policy for years without making a claim and then after an accident the occasion arose whereby they needed to make a claim on their policy and it turned out they weren’t covered, cover wasn’t as they expected or their policy was void due to conditions or warranties imposed upon the policy not being met.

It really does pay to make sure that the policy you have bought actually provides the cover you need.

For example, the term ‘any’ and ‘usual’ in a football insurance personal accident policy can mean the difference between receiving a financial compensation payout or not.

There are a number of football insurance policies that will only provide permanent total disablement compensation should the claimant be unable to return to ‘any’ occupation. So what exactly does this mean? The claimant is unable to return to employment in ‘any’ role or to put it another way is unable to perform ‘any’ job. If the claimant, prior to the accident, had a career as a carpenter but was unable to return to their employment as a carpenter they would not receive a payout. Compensation would only be paid in the event that the claimant could not perform any form of employment.

Whereas if you were to take a policy that provided compensation for permanent total disablement should the claimant be unable to return to their ‘usual’ occupation, they are entitled to a payout should they not be able to return to their ‘usual’ occupation. And so if the claimant was a carpenter and after the accident was unable to return to their employment as a carpenter they would receive financial compensation as they were unable to return to their ‘usual’ employment. เซ็กซี่ บาคาร่า ออนไลน์

How would you feel after being on the wrong end of a bad tackle that prevents you from returning to your chosen career? How much worse would you feel if you later realised you weren’t entitled to a payout because you didn’t understand the difference between the two different types of policies and subsequently found yourself unable to make a claim because you are able to perform another employed task?

My advice is to seek advice before signing up to a football team insurance policy that could affect you for the rest of your life. If you already have a football insurance policy check the small print and if you are concerned about the level of cover provided speak to a specialist in football insurance who will be able to explain whether or not the policy is suitable for your needs.



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