Caribbean Soccer – Interesting Facts & Figures!


Did you know-With the assistance of the Soviet Olympic Committee, the men’s soccer group of Cuba contended in the Moscow 1980 Olympic Football Tournament. It was the second time that Cuba had equipped for an Olympic occasion. Four years prior, the Island got an encouragement to play in the Olympiad in Canada; for monetary reasons, Uruguay didn’t contend in the Olympics and was supplanted by Cuba.


Did you know-At the 1959 Pan American Games in Chicago, USA, the men’s soccer crew of Haiti came in fourth spot, behind Argentina (champion), Brazil (next in line), and the host country. Later on, by the 1970s, Haiti bragged one the best groups in Latin America, rather than the remainder of the Caribbean: Following winning the CONCACAF Tournament, the men’s soccer group of Haiti qualified for the 1974 FIFA World Cup in West Germany. Interestingly since its creation in 1930, Haiti contended in the worldwide occasion. Its capability for the worldwide occasion was a sensible result of its persistent effort and discipline. Consistently, some Haitian footballers played in unfamiliar groups. Football is the most famous game on the Island. เว็บข่าวบอล


Did you know-After numerous long periods of difficult work, discipline and planning, Jamaica, a cricketing country, won the option to partake in the worldwide occasion in Paris (France) in the late 1990s.In the course of the competition, Japan lost 2-1 to Jamaica. It was the initial time in the Island’s set of experiences that the public designation had contended in the World Cup. In 1986 and 1990, Jamaican-conceived English player John Barnes took an interest in the widespread occasion. By 1991, the country’s public group completed eighth in the CONCACAF Gold Cup, behind the United States, Honduras. Mexico, Costa Rica, Trinidad Tobago, Canada, and Guatemala. In the following century, the public group was next in line (silver award) at the fifteenth Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), behind just Ecuador.

Netherlands Antilles

Did you know-By the mid 1950s, the Netherlands Antilles – a baseball-adoring Island-won the Football Tournament at the Central American and Caribbean Games in Guatemala City. Later on, it caught its second gold decoration at the 1962 Caribbean Games in Kingston, Jamaica.

Trinidad and Tobago

Did you know-By the 1970s, Trinidad and Tobago was home to Everald “Gally” Cummings, one of the most famous footballers in the Caribbean. In the following century,the Island – where cricket is the transcendent game equipped for the World Cup in Germany. In that time, English-conceived Christopher Birchall turned into the main white player to play for Trinidad Tobago. By 2001, the Under-17 World Cup was held in Ports Spain, the capital city of the country.

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