College Football Enjoys Parity – Only 10 of AP Top 25 Poll Teams Have Remained Alive All 9 Weeks

Is there equality in the 2007 school football season?

I suspect as much, given the way that equality implies equity for this situation. The familiar aphorism that any group can beat some other group on some random Saturday has never been more clear than this season.

My examination shows just 10 of the underlying AP Top 25 Poll groups have stayed in the Top 25 during the initial 9 weeks of the period. The leading figures are:

No. 1 USC is presently positioned 13.

No. 2 LSU is presently positioned 3 (the most steady group the entire season).

No. 3 West Virginia is presently positioned 7.

No. 4 Florida is presently positioned 18.

No. 5 Oklahoma is presently positioned 5 (they were No. 10 and skiped back).

No. 7 Texas is presently positioned 14.

No. 9 Virginia Tech is presently positioned 11.

No. 11 Georgia is presently positioned 10.

No. 12 Ohio State is presently positioned 1.

No. 20 Hawaii is presently positioned 12.

Eight slow developers showed up the subsequent week or after and have stayed in the Top 25. They are South Carolina, Oregon and Boston College (two months in the survey), South Florida and Missouri (7 weeks), Arizona State (6 weeks), Kansas (4 weeks) and Michigan (3 weeks). คาสิโนยูฟ่า

Michigan lost its initial two games, one to AA Appalachian State in probably the greatest surprise in school football history. Large Blue from the Big House has bounced back with 7 straight successes, including triumphs over Penn State, Purdue and Illinois (the rest were slugs).

Four groups were in the Poll then out and played their direction back in. They are Auburn, Boise State, Clemson and Alabama.

Four different groups were in, then, at that point out, back in and presently back out. They are Penn State, Rutgers, Tennessee and Kansas State.

Ten a bigger number of groups were in for over seven days, then, at that point out and have not been back in. They incorporate California (two months in), Wisconsin and Kentucky (6 weeks), Nebraska (5 weeks), Cincinnati (a month), Louisville and Texas A&M (3 weeks), UCLA, Arkansas and Georgia Tech (fourteen days).

Six different groups have been one-week ponders; they made it into the Top 25, were ricocheted out the following week, and stayed away forever. They incorporate TCU, Purdue, Illinois, Florida State, Texas Tech and Virginia.

Generally, no under 44 groups have been addressed in the AP Top 25 Poll in the initial 9 weeks of the period, that is 37% of the 119 Division 1-A groups qualified for the AP Poll casting a ballot by the country’s first class sports scholars and telecasters.

So in excess of 33% of the country’s Division 1-A groups have been in the Top 25 of every 9 weeks. Two newbies this week-Connecticut and Wake Forest-might possibly be in the Poll when the current week’s tenth Poll shows up late Sunday.

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