Sriwijaya Football Club (SFC) And The Results of Its Pre-Season Tournament

Being the sprinter up of the pre-season competition, SCM Cup 2015 which included the best 8 groups of Indonesian Super League’s members shows that SFC is prepared for the ISL 2015 which is booked to be dispatched in the third seven day stretch of February 2015. Out of 5 matches in the SCM Cup 2015, SFC recorded 3 rewards, 1 draw, and 1 misfortune (in the last). Losing in the last in their own headquarters was not something humiliating for SFC, on the grounds that it involved karma that Arema could overcome them in the last. From the start of the last match SFC was in charge of the game, however the factor of karma crushed them eventually. Arema could take one objective at minute 75 by their substitute player, Gilang Ginarsa. SFC has everything necessary to be a hero this season on the off chance that they can keep up with their presentation all through the season. What they need to consummate now is their cooperation and the sharpness of their striker, Ferdinand Sinaga. Ferdinand Sinaga won the title of top scorer in this competition with his 4 objectives. SFC is by all accounts fortunate this season for having top notch players for all positions albeit 70% of the club’s players are recently selected players.

Considering the way that SFC has completely developed another group without any preparation, it is astonishing that this load of recently enlisted players can change very well with the group inside under 2 months of their preparation together for this competition. แทงบอล2คู่   At present SFC has gotten 2 unfamiliar players from Mali, specifically Abdoulaye Youssouf Maiga as a Center Back (his second season at SFC) and Morimakan Koïta as a playmaker in the group (his first season in Indonesia). Indonesian Soccer Association (PSSI) just permits 3 unfamiliar parts in each group of Indonesian Super League’s members this year. SFC is presently as yet chasing and choosing the third unfamiliar player to fill the situation of a striker. All things considered SFC had acquired Christian Andrés Vaquero Abad from Uruguay however he bombed the check test by PT. Liga Indonesia as the controller of the opposition. He was sent back home before the opposition begins. SFC isn’t in a rush to get an unfamiliar striker in light of the fact that there is adequate time for it to be cautious in choosing an optimal unfamiliar striker it wants since move window will in any case be opened until early March 2015.

The significant thing for SFC is that it has shaped another and solid crew for joining Indonesian Super League (ISL) this coming season. The Coach, Benny Dollo, is putting a greater amount of his fixation on idealizing the presentation of the crew than chasing for an unfamiliar striker which should be possible at the same time.

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