Death By Girl Scout Cookies – Losing Weight

Young lady Scout treat season has arrived and I was resolved not to purchase boxes a lot of treats this year. Nonetheless, I was a Girl Scout as a young lady and have faith in supporting the reason. Along these lines, I chose to buy one box, and one box in particular.

No, I didn’t buy those gooey, delicious, striped, caramel and coconut covered Samoas that I love so well. Nor did I succumb to buying those smooth tasting Thin Mints. Probably not. I was resolved to be more astute and savvier this year, genuinely center around my obligation to losing some weight. I bought the Shortbread treat that has a slight layer of chocolate on the back – my most un-enticing ones. My little girl and my niece love chocolate. Either or both will undoubtedly need these treats. I was feeling somewhat pleased with myself… what a smart mother/auntie I am.

Hah! As destiny would have it, both were cheerful about my buy until they discovered it was the Girl Scout Shortbread treats. Girls scout cookies¬† ¬†“Any sort however those” they said all the while. No concerns, I thought. I will part with them to a companion. For quite a while those treats sat on my kitchen counter, coaxing and considering my name each time I strolled past. I must get these treats out of my home! They will be the passing of me!

Seven days passed. Then, at that point another. Chipping away at a task at my kitchen table around 1:30am one morning, I got a wild inclination for ‘something sweet’. You got it! I brazenly opened that container and ate two of those treats. Darn, Sherry. You must be solid. Presently I figured, how might I give anybody a fractional box of treats (Isn’t it astonishing how we can defend anything looking at the situation objectively long enough?). As the opposite side of destiny would have it, a couple more days passed, and those treats didn’t live to come around outside of my home. When I opened the case, those treats didn’t have an opportunity!

Exercise learned. While I do have faith in supporting causes, I can basically make a gift and leave… without the treats close by. I can likewise decide to NOT bring desserts and enticing treats into my home… free decision/choice. Last exercise, getting a deficient measure of rest can wreck your resolution.

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