Football – The San Diego Chargers

The San Diego Chargers are from San Diego, CA and play their football match-ups in the AFC Western Division. Curiously, the San Diego Chargers really started as the Los Angeles Chargers in 1960. Here is a concise history of this mainstream football crew.

As one of the first individuals from the AFL, the Chargers played their first year in Los Angeles before forever moving to San Diego. They went to the AFC West via the AFL-NFL consolidation in 1970. San Diego plays its football match-ups in Qualcomm Stadium. They have been playing at this arena since 1968 and the arena has been the host to 3 distinctive Super Bowls throughout this time. The group is right now hoping to have another arena worked to supplant the maturing Qualcomm Stadium.

Barron Hilton, who was additionally the originator of Hilton Hotels, initially possessed the group. He kept on being the proprietor until offering the group to current proprietor, Alex Spanos. During the 1960s the Chargers cautious line became know as the “fearsome foursome”. They were driven by enormous Ernie Ladd and would regularly overwhelm football match-ups.

It wasn’t until 1979 and the rise of QB Dan Fouts, that the Chargers started to encounter achievement. Driving the group to its first season finisher compartment in quite a while, the Chargers lost in the end of the season games that year to the Houston Oilers. That began a line of 4 sequential long stretches of going to the end of the season games, however the group would never get to the Super Bowl.

During this run, the Chargers played in quite possibly the most significant additional time games in NFL Playoff history. In the 1982 game against the Miami Dolphins, the group hustled off to a 24-0 lead, just to lose it by the third quarter. San Diego recuperated and ultimately dominated the match in extra time 41-38.

It wasn’t until 1995 that the San Diego Chargers got through to the Super Bowl. It has been right up ’til today their solitary Super Bowl appearance. สล็อตแจกฟรี The group won the AFC West and proceeded to agitate the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers to acquire a spot in the title game. Lamentably they needed to confront Steve Young and the San Francisco 49ers, losing the game 49-26.

Since that season the Chargers have had a lot of issues, with just 2 winning seasons and one season finisher billet, that coming in 2004. At present, Marty Shottenheimer currently mentors the group.

The San Diego Chargers additionally have ostensibly the most striking garbs of some other football crew. They are known for their unmistakable lightning bolt on their head protectors and down the sides of their uniform jeans.

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