Flag Football Is Fun for Men

Flag soccer is called a kid’s sport or even a female’s recreation, but it’s miles truely a fun, competitive way for men to hold playing football after not being able to play contact football anymore. All throughout america teams are competing in church, recreational and aggressive leagues and competitions. This sport began as a kid’s recreation but it’s miles regarding into a great men’s game.

I individually play in flag football tournaments and competitions all 12 months round and i love doing it. it is personal little community wherein absolutely everyone is aware of every different and is aware of humans just because they play flag. it’s far taken very extreme and is a very aggressive game. I performed excessive school soccer but me standing at 5’7 and only weighing a hundred forty five kilos never had a threat to move any in addition than that. Flag soccer supplied me the outlet to preserve gambling a sport that i like and obsessed with. It commenced with an intramural league at Florida kingdom and now i’m often worried in leagues round Pensacola with my crew. we’ve inspirations to play in regionals in Mississippi and optimistically reach the subsequent level and compete in nationals. i used to be constantly brief and speedy sufficient to play soccer and this is the appropriate area for me to play because weight does now not matter.

Flag football involves such a lot of kinds of people. Like I stated in advance this sport is specifically looked at as a excessive faculty game for ladies and youngsters that need to play soccer but not contact. in terms of guys it includes all differing types. i’ve visible men as antique as sixty five gambling flag and i’ve visible human beings that i’d in no way expect to look playing soccer play. This game brings guys together from every special location and genre. My vintage quarterback I used to play with was over forty and that i in no way seen everybody play that position higher than him. in this vicinity we’ve got quite some of well-known flag football players. Doug Rogers and Kirk Slay are two to name which can be genuinely in the ACIS corridor of fame. i have played with these two gamers and they are a number of the quality athletes i have ever seen.

there are many distinct methods you can go about gambling flag football. i have performed in many systems and lots of distinctive variations of flag.


relying in case you are playing in a 7-7, four-4, or even a co-ed league your plays are extraordinary and patterns are extraordinary. 7-7 is your general flag soccer league. it is the leagues that i have played inside the maximum. maximum of the time we go no huddle and feature audibles and signs and symptoms that depict what we are going to run. we will go along with football teams, pro and university, to mention what a play is or even a eating place or color. this is a very speedy game and typically the quickest group and most athletic will win. Like I stated earlier than size truely does now not rely in this game. One machine that i’ve played in is the double quarterback machine. on this gadget we’ve someone this is standing slightly behind the quarterback at the sideline. If the quarterback gets into any trouble he throws it backwards and the play can nonetheless be performed.

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