What Men Don’t Know About Condoms Can Kill You

Several weeks ago I wrote a column on “Men’s Dirty Little Secrets” and spilled the beans on the fact that most men don’t know much about condoms, except that they’re a mood-killer, sensation-duller, and overall huge pain-in-the-ass. At that time, I didn’t elaborate, but judging from your emails, I piqued a number of readers’ curiosity. Thus, I am responding with a short treatise on “The Proper Care and Feeding of a Prophylactic.”

Before I begin, however, I want to address a few questions that might understandably be crossing your mind, such as: “Why is he giving instructions to women on condom usage? Shouldn’t he be giving this 콘돔 info to men? Don’t we have enough birth control methods to be in charge of – can’t guys be responsible for one thing?” All fair questions, to be sure. But the bottom line on this subject is: Despite readily-available instructions, guys are woefully unaware of their lack of knowledge in this arena. And if men are ignorant about how to properly apply, use, remove and dispose of a condom, women are the ones who are going to unwittingly pay the price. And with the price being unwanted pregnancy or contraction of a potentially-fatal disease, the need for you to be educated becomes imperative. It may not be your job, but if your guy is ill-informed or clueless, you will still have to endure the consequences.


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