Skin Care For Men – the Untold Secrets to Getting Products That Make Men Look Masculine

For several generations men have walked away from skin care products made specifically for them.

They might have spent money on a so-called “male” shampoo or under arm deodorant, or splashed on after-shave. But they haven’t bought skin care for men packaged as masculine creams or robust lotions.

I know this because I remember the chuckles around the newsroom I worked in as a 새티스파이어  reporter in the 1970s when our chief reporter asked me to do a story and model a new product — make-up for men. No one had marketed it before and next day the paper ran a big photo of me in the beautician’s chair looking quite “different” in coloring and lipstick .

Well I lived down the sly jokes, and was not surprised when male make-up didn’t take off as a roaring commercial success. Men were just not ready for that then.

Today make-up still doesn’t sell to men. But skin care for men is a different story.

There’s been a significant change in our society, and the creams that can transform your face and hands — skin care for men in stylish, appropriate tubes and jars — are increasingly making it out of the stores into the bedrooms of men.


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